Silly Secrets

I was pondering yesterday, "Is there anything these blog kiddies don't know about me?"  So, I thought about it, and I asked Brian, too.  Truth is, you guys see so much of the real me here that it was hard to think of things that I don't already talk about.  So, here are just a few things I bet you didn't know about me:

1.  I absolutely hate to clean.  I tend to get in the throws of whatever I'm working on, work up until the last minute, then leave a mess.  The same goes for clean laundry.  It tends to pile up on my bedroom floor.

 2. Not only was I a cheerleader in high school, I was a captain.  I'm the A in Camels up there :)

3.  I have never been to NYC.  This shocks people since I'm a fashion student.

4.  I tend to speak before thinking.  Blogging is my friend because of backspace.

5. I am always hungry (my mom made this meal last week).

6. I am freakishly flexible.  I could always reach the farthest during the sit & reach test in gym class.

7. Naps are my favorite.

8. In elementary school I entered cake decorating contests.  I won a few times.

9. I have always enjoyed being really nerdy.  I was on the academic team, I won a school spelling bee in 5th grade, and I cried when I got my first B.

10.  As a kid my favorite tv show was Martha Stewart.  My youngin' world was rocked when she was sent to jail.

Why don't you play along and blog about some silly things your readers won't know about you?!  Leave a link in the comments!  ♥ Mallory