Tuesday Tunes- CIVILIAN

 Hey everyone!  I hope your Memorial Day weekend was awesome and filled with grilled food!  This week I'm going to introduce you to a great band called Civilian.  I first heard of these guys from a friend of mine in a band called Standing Small (they're having the Civilians singer record their album.  I'll probably do a feature on them in the future).  As soon as I listened to the song "Should This Noose Unloosen" I was blown away.  I first heard it while watching the music video and was so enamored by the story of the song/video together.  For me, it's hard to find a song (or any artistic piece for that matter) to really make me feel something.  Civilian has found a way to do that with most of their album.  I was a little surprised when I listened to the rest of the album.  They were a little more pop than I was expecting, and then a little more rock, and then a little more of everything else.  They blend so many styles together, and they do it well.

This video is for "Should This Noose Unloosen."  I suggest dedicating yourself to the story of the song and the video without any distraction.  I think you'll instantly fall in the love with the artistry of it all.  Do you guys have any songs/videos that you can always turn to?

 Hope you enjoyed this week.  You can find their album on itunes and Spotify.  I just recently started using Spotify, and I can't believe how great it is.