Change is Gonna Come

This week marks a big change for me.  More specifically the end of this school year marks a big change for me.  Last Thursday was my last day of school this year.  Then this weekend was my best friends Lauren and T.J.'s wedding.  Why is that a big change?  Well, I am almost a real adult, like the graduated kind with lots of married friends.  My graduation is April 2013, which seems very far from now, but broken down it really isn't far at all!  Less than a year!!!

Until that time I will be starting a real business.  The kind where I make things and hopefully people (like you) buy them!  This summer I am applying for business licenses, doing freelance work, and starting a line.  Since my school is switching from quarters to semesters I am fortunate enough to be able to work for myself as a co-op until next January!  That's a long chunk of time!

 I'm also going to try and have fun in every minute of free time I can get!  Soon I need to be an adult and pay real bills.  So, I need to have adventures with Brian, blog every day again, have Pool Sundays with my family, watch fireworks from apartment roofs with my friends, and get my foot into the door of the fashion/retail world.  This is the beginning of things and the end of others.  I couldn't be more excited!

xo, Mallory