DIY- Custom Coffee Mugs

On May 26th one of Brian's best friends got married.  We hang out with Joe and Jenna a lot, so we wanted to get them something meaningful as a part of their gift.  To do this we got some simple white coffee mugs from Ikea and some enamel paint to make them some custom his & hers coffee mugs.

All you need to do a project like this is Folk Art Enamels Paint, a fine point paint brush, and some white pottery.  You could even do a whole dinner set, which I'm sure Brian and I will do as soon as we get a place together.

First I painted on their names, a stethoscope for Jenna since she's a nurse at the children's hospital, and a music note for musician/recording engineer Joe.  When you change your color make sure you fully clean out and fully dry your brush.  You don't want to water down your paint.  Then I changed to red and painted some hearts for that love, marriage, ooey-gooey stuff.  If you goof up you can easily wipe it off as often as you want until you cure it.  No fear of screwing up!

 After you paint on your designs let your dish air cure for an hour, then place it in a cool oven.  Turn the oven onto 350 degrees Farenheit, oven cure for an hour, turn off the heat, then let the dish fully cool in the oven.  It's important to let the oven pre-heat with the dish already in it so that your dish won't crack.

Just like with Pebeo or any other ceramic paint the paint is food-safe, but the constant contact with food will wear it off.  So try to keep your paint to the areas of dishes uncovered by food or drink like the edges of plates and outsides of bowls and mugs.  Just to be safe I'd handwash the dishes too.  If you make some cutie dishes too leave me a link in the comments!

xoxo, Mallory