The Good Life

Do you ever have those days where everything falls into place?  Well lately life has had this warm glow of perfection around it.  Maybe I'm just a romantic and I'm dreaming this up, but here's why I've been so stinking happy lately:

I'm now working from home on my collection of bags 3 days a week.  That means I can sit at my own kitchen table in my pjs while I eat breakfast, drink coffee, answer emails, make to-do lists, blog, source materials, and sketch.  That also means I get to have lunch with my mom, and Cinders tries to sit on whatever I'm working on at the moment.

The other two remaining weekdays I'm a stylist assistant at Amazon's MyHabit (designer home and fashion flash sales) again.  It's so fun and challenging working there!

 One of the best things right now is that I'm not in school so my stress level is healthy, I don't have homework, and I have plenty of time to hang out with this handsome fella.  I hope your life is falling into place at the moment, too.  If not, it always gets worse before it can get better!  Love, Mallory :)