Lauren's Wedding- Rehearsal Day!

 This is the first of my wedding posts.  I'm trying to break them up and spread them around so it's not an overload of wedding photos.  These are all from rehearsal day.  My mom and I were lucky enough to be allowed to help with decor, so early Friday morning we went to the venue to hang up the banner, birds, and bike canvas we made.  We also helped Lauren and T.J. set up the candy bar! We may have also sampled the candy, YUM!

 Later on of course, was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  The happy couple smiled the whole time in excitement.  Erin and I were trying to hold back our happy tears.  The groomsmen (Josh is above) were just trying to look cool.  Also, check out how my Anthropologie bike dress matches the wedding theme!

 The afterparty was on Bessler's roof where we could see the downtown and the Reds Friday Night Fireworks.  It was a magical ending to a perfect, busy day!

xo, Mallory