DIY- Heart Shaped Frames

When I saw these frames in Goodwill for $0.50 each I knew I had to have them.  I'm such a sucker for heart shaped things, and picture frames can be REALLY expensive!  First though I checked the back to make sure they could be unscrewed/opened.  Then came the happy dance.  So, here is how I made ugly frames with a nice shape, into super cute cheap frames.

First there was only glass in one so I took it out and discarded it.  I don't think glass is necessary.  Then I propped them on some spare spray paint cans so I could do the sides and top in one go.  Then I sprayed an even coat on both and left them to dry.  In the mean time I printed out two Instagram photos from Lauren's wedding at home on photo paper (my name on there is MalloryMakesThings).

 After printing pictures, 2 more coats of spray paint, and dry time I unscrewed the back off.  Then I cut my pictures to the shape of the back and put it all back together.  Ta-da!  Finished.

 Now they're hanging happily on my bedroom wall.  Super cheap for photo frames!
I've done this before and it's almost the only frames I have.  The little strawberry frame above is thrifted too.  The picture is from Madison.  You can tell she knows I love hearts.
Love, Mallory