Joe & Jenna's Wedding

 On May 26th Brian's best friend Joe married Jenna and they became the Dunlaps.  Brian was one of two best men, so I got our clothes all ironed (and photographed), and we arrived there a bit early.  Early enough for Brian to do some best man duties and for me to take some more pictures and be silly with Whitney.

The ceremony officiant was Jenna's step-dad, which was just too sweet.  I cried of course.  Plus they walked down the aisle to I'll Follow You Into the Dark.  How could I not cry?  Luckily my dress had pockets, which I lined with tissues.

We had far too much fun dancing and cheesing in the photobooth. It was a great wedding.  xo, Mallory

p.s. you can see part of the gift we gave them in this post.