Outfit- Fashionista on a Budget

 As I was drying my hair this morning I thought to myself, 'this outfit is a really good example of being a fashionista on a budget.'  We're all on a budget I bet, and if you're here you certainly are a fashionista.  Well, I'm a college kid and I'm trying to start a business.  That's a double whammy on my funds.  I refuse to buy low quality and knock off designs just because I'm broke.  Spending a little more on high quality often pays off in the long run because they last.  For this reason I NEVER shop in Forever 21.  They have a horrible lawsuit track record from ripping off designers.  I also avoid a lot of other cheap and trendy mall stores because their products often fall apart after just a few wears.

So, here is how I cope with my short budget and urge to have the latest and prettiest.

1. Thrifting: whenever I feel like I need to shop to cheer myself up I try to go to a thrift store rather than somewhere that I would blow more money.  This way I only buy things that are unique and I really love without busting my budget.

 2. When I go into higher priced stores I head straight to the clearance section.  Especially in stores like Anthropologie where they have really nice quality things.  You can get some really good deals if you check those areas first.  I got this skirt on super sale from Urban and I wear it very often.

3.  I also do a lot of discount store shopping.  My favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs swim suit is from TJ Maxx.  I bet you have one of those or a Marshall's nearby.  Nordstrom Rack is really great for designer shoes and jewelry.  I also shop from where I work, MyHabit and other flash sales sites online.

My favorite discount store is the Gap Clearance Outlet in Hebron, KY.  They carry all of the Gap Brands including Gap, Banana, Old Navy, and Piperlime designer goods.  Most "outlet" store products are made to go directly to those stores which can mean lower quality.  However, the Gap in Hebron is the only Gap Clearance Outlet in America, meaning all damaged, returned, and overstock items arrive there.  I have scored some amazing Piperlime products there in this past year like these Sam Edelman flats that I spent $19.99 on!

4.  My favorite tip is to change your email subscription settings for stores.  When your next J.Crew or Anthropologie email arrives go to the bottom and change your settings to only sales and deals.  That way you get less tempting emails in your inbox, and ones only arrive when you can afford to splurge a bit!  Who doesn't love a good sale?!  Speaking of the Anthropologie Summer Sale, Shopbop Sale on New Styles, and the ModCloth Super Sale are all on right now!

5. Find something you HAVE to have?  Look it up in Google shopper and change the sort settings to lowest first.  That way you know the item you want is at the cheapest price possible!

Do you have any other great tips? xo, Mallory