Beauty- My Favorite Lip Colors

Lipstick can be scary.  Unless you're at a nice makeup store you have to drop $10+ on a tube and hope the color works for you.  I'm not into that.  I love Sephora for lip color.  You can ask a very helpful Sephora employee for advice on brands, colors that compliment your skin color, and they'll clean samples off so you can try them without fear of germs.  After doing all of those things I've found some favorites and thrown all of my other lip products away.  Although I buy Nars which is slightly expensive it lasts all day and I trust the colors.  I also no longer feel the need to impulse buy at drugstores.

Here's my rundown:

  • For the everyday I have a tube of Burt's Bees original in my makeup drawer, my purse, and my work tote.
  • If I just want a lil something for errands or dates like putt putt I go with a tinted Burt's Bees that you can get anywhere.  I love Peony, Champagne, and Rhubarb the most.
  • My everyday lip color is NARS Niagara.
  • If I'm feeling sassy or if my outfit needs something extra I go with NARS Carthage.
  • If I'm dressed up for a date, a fancy wedding, or if I'm feeling classic NARS Red Lizard is the PERFECT red for most skin colors.

Some things to think about: If you're nervous about trying something bold give it a test drive on a day at home.  Matte lipsticks stay on longer because they have less oil in them.  Put on Burt's Bees original every morning so it can soak in while you do your hair and other makeup.  That way you have a nice, moisturized canvas for any lipstick!  I hope that helps you take the guessing game out of lipcolor for you.  It can be intimidating, but lipstick can pull your whole look together and make you feel much more stylish.  Love, Mallory