How I Popped the Question to my Bridsmaids

When it came time to ask my bridesmaids to be in the wedding (and help me chill out in the process) I wasn't sure how I wanted to ask.  So, I started with a ring, well a Ring Pop.  Then I added some photos with each one that I printed on photo paper at home.  I also didn't want for them to have to pay for manicures, so I got them all matching nail polish to wear on the day.

For packaging I bought some super cheap kraft paper tags, white paper bags, a heart stamp, and a stamp pad from Hobby Lobby, under $10 total.  I did some stamping, some writing, and some hole punching.  I tied it all together with some ribbon I already had. Voila, a creative, cheap way to ask my bridesmaids to take part in my wedding!

 Here is a quick intro to all of my favorite ladies:
  • Lauren has been my best friend since highschool started.  We bonded over not fitting in and our love for boys in bands.
  • Samantha is my cousin.  My grandma babysat us both and her family lives down the street from my parents. She has some special needs and we grew up causing trouble together and depending on each other.  She has a huge place in my heart.
  • Sarah is my oldest sister.  She loves music as much as I do, dances a lot, and sometimes acts like my second mom.  She also is the mother of the 2 bestest nephews ever.
  • Brittany is our middle sister.  She's a genius, loves Harry Potter like I do, and bakes the best apple pies!  She's also is the clown of the family and interpretive dances for our enjoyment.
  • Erin and I have known each other since middle school, but in high school we started hanging out more.  She's the kind of person who will drop absolutely anything to help anyone in need.  She was also in the Avengers movie and is moving to L.A. soon (temporarily).
  • Liz and I met in high school and is the most outgoing of our friends.  She really helps me stay grounded and chilled out.  She is a very compassionate person and loves to craft!
  • Madison you all probably know the best.  She has a deep love for anything that's sparkly, purple, or pink.  She's a budding fashionista, and the best behaved 6 year old I've ever met.

Thanks for letting me share these people that I love so much! XO, Mallory