Lust List- Etsy Home Finds

Maybe one of the most exciting parts of this whole wedding thing is home/apartment searching with Brian and picking out furniture and decor.  We already started a registry at Crate and Barrel and plan to also do a Registry 360 where you can register for anything from the internet!  Of course we're going to do Amazon and a few things at Target.  Here are some of the things I've recently put in my Etsy favorites because I wish we could have them for our first place together!

1. chandelier Gallivanting Girls 2. bench Deluxe 3. chairs Drab to Fab Vintage
 4. Simon & Garfunkel print Pete K 5. NY Print Laura Amiss 6. Wish Clipboard Decoy Lab
7. vintage mint sofa Retrograde LA

xo, Mallory