Tuesday Tunes- Favorite Videos

 Hey guys!  This week I'm going to go through some of my favorite music videos.  I've done this in a previous post, but I am always coming up with new ones that I can't help but watch 6 or 7 times straight.

First is Mat Kearney's "Ships In The Night."  The first time I saw this video was also the first time I heard this song.  I enjoy both a ton, but I believe the video is the real standout. The time and dedication it must have taken to sync it up must have been a while. I mostly enjoy the different landscapes showing all the places he's been while filming this.  Makes me pretty jealous that I never got to tour the U.S.

Next is Sigur Ros "Varuo."  This video pretty much feels more like a shortfilm with some music behind it.  I've always found that strange when musicians do something like that.  It's pretty neat when a musician is willing to risk the music being overlooked for having an over the top music video. However, when they both go together so well, like this one, it must be completely worth it.  I'm pretty sure there a few more videos they have out that resemble this, and one includes seeing Shia Labeouf in the buff, so I won't show you that.  Plus, there is so much beauty in this video, from the city, to the people, to the style in which it was filmed.

Lastly, I'm going to post MuteMath's "Blood Pressure."  It's hard not to like these guys.  Catchy, but incredibly intricate music, unbelievable live show (one of the best I've ever seen), and awesome music videos.  As far as I know Darren King, the drummer, is very creatively involved in their videos. These look like take a ton of time, and even more patience to create.  Not only are they creative, but they are very, very fun to watch.