Tuesday Tunes- More New Releases

 I'm going to continue from last week and post a few more current releases.  First is Minus The Bear's new album, Infinity Overhead.  I've not always been a fan of these guys.  I always thought their songs blended together and sounded too much alike.  However, since seeing them at Bunbury Festival, I've come around a little more.  Here's the video for 'Steel and Blood"

Next is Circa Surive, and their new album, Violent Waves. I've always enjoyed how unique Anthony Green's voice is. Also, the guitar work on their albums is always pretty outstanding. I've enjoyed "The Lottery" the most so far, and it feature Geoff Rickly from Thursday.
Last is the new album from Wild Nothing, Nocturne. This is the first album I've heard from these guys, and although it's only be a day listening to it, I've enjoyed it heavily. It's a lot different than the first two bands on here so it's nice to have a musical style change. "This Chain Won't Break" has been my favorite so far.

Hope you enjoyed this week. I like posting about new releases so be on the look out for more of them.  -Brian