Tuesday Tunes- New Albums

Hey guys, this week I'm going give you a heads up on some new music that you need to hear.  I've been waiting for a few albums to come out, and I'm pretty excited that some are finally released.

The album I was most excited for is the new Yeasayer, "Fragrant World."  As soon as I heard the opening track "Fingers Never Bleed," I quickly got excited to hear the rest of the album.  Yeasayer has this ability to mix so many different styles in to their music that it's hard to find a song you dislike.
Next, Anchor & Braille "The Quiet Life" which came out just a few weeks ago.  A&B is helmed by Anberlins vocalist, Stephen Christian.  I saw see these guys a while ago on a tour, and at the time it was just acoustic guitar and Stephen singing.  I was unimpressed.  Then their first album grew on me over time, and I have been listening to this new album much more.  I'm really impressed by it, and I'm thankful that it is quite far from anything Anberlin.  It has a Copeland feel to it, which is fine by me.  One of my favorite songs off the new record is "Knew Then Know Now."
Lastly is a band called Ponderosa.  Their new album "Pool Party" is extremely musically and lyrically good, and I especially love their artwork.  I can be such a sucker for albums with good artwork.  The title track is one of my favorites.
Hope you are having a great week so far.  Feel free to let us know of some new music coming out that we need to hear!  -Brian