Wedding Planning

I have not been planning my wedding my entire life, but since early 2009 I've known Brian was the one.  I think he even mentioned marriage first.  Ever since then I've been dreaming up plans, saving images, and pinning to a "future wedding" board.  Over the past few months our families, Brian, and I have been casually discussing a wedding for June 2013.  Now that we're officially engaged wedding plans have been speeding right along.  I conveniently wasn't scheduled at MyHabit this week, so we've been gaining some serious momentum, fast.

Mom has been emailing people like crazy, Brian and I have been sending photos back and forth, Madison has made hilarious suggestions, Lauren has been consulting, and I have called MANY venues.  Mom and I made an inspiration binder, silly cover and all.  So far we have booked 6 venue tours, scheduled dress appointments (!!!!!!), set-up engagement photos, and come up with a unified vision.  We've also contacted the florist, cake decorator, and my dream photographer.  Tonight after working on my bags, I plan on sketching out invite ideas and sourcing materials for them.

This is getting really real very fast!  Also, after today I'm probably only going to blog about the diy, styling, and designing parts of wedding planning.  I don't want to overload you guys with the boring details :)  If there's any specific things you want to see or hear about let me know in the comments!