Outfit- Best Basics

Sometimes you just have to go back to basics.  No matter what year or season it is, throw on a striped tee, jeans, and Chuck Taylors and you're still relevant.  For basic/classic tops I usually shop at J.Crew, Old Navy, and TJ Maxx.  The key to finding affordable quality is looking for soft, thick fabrics with more than 50% cotton content.  Thin tissue weight tees feel amazing but start snagging and pilling after a few washes.  Like with sweaters, when the fiber content is more than 50% of a synthetic fiber (acrylic, acetate, polyester, etc.) the garment will make you sweat, a lot.

Sometimes we get all caught up in trends and brands.  However, the basis to staying stylish & comfortable is a pair of nice fitting jeans.  I've learned that dark washes are almost always the way to go because you can dress them up or down.  Avoid whiskering it draws the eye to your hips, and no one wants extra attention there.  The only way to find your ideal fit is by trying many brands.  It's like dating: you go on a bunch of dates, most leave you disappointed, but when you find the right guy (or pair of jeans) nothing can beat that.  It took me a while, but after trying on many I've discovered that the Gap and Michael Kors cut their jeans to fit my curvy bottom half but don't gap in the waist.  Belts are no longer necessary!  A good place for anyone to start is somewhere that carries a large variety of Levi's.  Their Curve I.D. line has a variety of cuts meant for different body types.

Of course I wanted to add some personality, so I also wore some Batman earrings and a vintage belt.  Tee is from TJ Maxx, jeans are Gap, and Chucks are from Target.  Photos by Brian (we get married in 239 days)!  XOXO, Mallory