Tuesday Tunes- Books & Cudi

Hello friends. There is a new album and a new single out that I've been all over the last week or so.

Bad Books- II is the new Bad Books album that was released today.  I think this is what Bad Books has wanted to sound like since they began, a very solid blend of Manchester Orchestra and Kevin Devine.  The first single here is "Forest Whitaker."

Kid Cudi recently released a single called "Just What I Am."  As most of you know, he's my favorite rapper, and I could never hate anything he creates.  However, I'm happy to say he's back to rapping and not trying to sing as much.

Lastly, I've been trying to find a good song for my mom and I to dance to at mine and Mallory's wedding.  I've come across Bob Dylan's "Forever Young," and I think it may be the one.  Would you guys happen to have any suggestions?  If I use your song, you will get an internet high five!  Enjoy your day, Brian
P.S. I just have to say Underoath is breaking up, and they were a huge influence on me in high school. Sad day.