Tuesday Tunes - Carrollhood

Hello world, Brian here.  This week I am bringing you a band that I just found only a few weeks ago.  They are called Carrollhood, and are comprised of member froms Anberlin (Nate), UnderOATH (Tim), and Tallhart (Reed).  They've only released a 3 song EP so far, but man is it good.  I've basically had it on repeat since I found it.
The band has no defined singer, which makes it pretty interesting.  Each member gets to contribute their own voice to a song which is always interesting.  My favorite jam is "Remission," which is actually about the battle Reed's sister had with cancer (in an interview I read she has been cancer free for 4 years now).

Hope you enjoy these guys as much I do.  Also, I hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic.  Next week I will be writing this from Disney World!!!!  So, that's probably your upcoming theme!