Tuesday Tunes- Merry Christmas

Hello duders!  I'm going to go through some of my favorite Christmas songs (also, check out Mallory's 2012 Christmas playlist).  I know that every Christmas song has been done 3 million times by every artist, but I'm still a sucker for them.  This weekend Mallory and I found a Christmas cd I made her last year with all these great songs.  It has some by Bright Eyes, Sleeping At Last, Copeland, My Morning Jacket, and a ton of others, and we were so happy to find it!
I Can Make A Mess - Please Come Home For Christmas
This is one of my favorite artists doing a pretty solid song.  It's not all cheery and merry, but it seems heartfelt, which I think is hard to do with a Christmas song since they can easily off cheesy.
Hellogoodbye - Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
I think this may be the most fitting song for Hellogoodbye.  They pulled it off so well with their style.  Their singer/main songwriter, Forest, always seems to do things a little differently.  Also, it's a long way from where they started with songs like Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn.
Sleeping At Last - Silver Bells
Most of you know I have a love for Sleeping At Last.  I think what Ryan does musically is always amazing and honest.  Silver Bells is probably my favorite Christmas song he's done.  On a side note, he just released news about a new musical project called Atlas.  You should really check it out.
Nat King Cole - Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire
Just for fun, here's my all time favorite Christmas Song.  I could listen to it a 1,000 times every year and it would never get old.
I hope you all have the best Christmas this year!  Please remember to be thankful for everything and keep those who need it most right now (including Sandy Hook) in your thoughts and prayers this holiday.  I'll probably catch you guys next year!  -Brian