A New Year 2013

This year is going to be a big one for me.  I'm graduating with my bachelors degree in fashion design in April.  I'm marrying Brian & moving in with him in May (starting to look at apartments already).  I'm also going to launch my online store.  Crazy!

I refuse to call them resolutions, but I do have a few other goals to help me be a better person:
  1. Get my business off to a profitable first year!!!
  2. Get organized- clean out my closets, donate unused items, and learn to not be a total mess.
  3. Build a schedule with a balance of blogging, creating, the boring side of business, and time off.
  4. Decorating a beautiful space with Brian.
  5. Start paying off my (overwhelming) school loans.
  6. Go to church more.
  7. Give more freely of my time/talents/treasures to those who need them more.
Whatever your goals are for this fresh start I wish success for you.  Love, Mallory