Tuesday Tunes - New Releases (with JT)

Hello friends.  Hope you are having a great week!  I really like the music choices for this week.  Just a heads up, I mention a former NSYNC member.

Harrison Hudson- American Thunder
This a great band with a great sound.  The first song comes in with some dirty guitar, and that's exactly how most albums should start (just kidding.  Not really).  I also like the simplicity of the album art for this record.  I fall easily for the packaging and design of products.

Indians - Somewhere Else
I think this is just two songs that released through the Spotify Sessions.  They both have a pretty dreamy sound.  It kind of reminds of some of Hellogoodbye's newer stuff, but less poppy.  Between the two tracks, I'd have to say Magic Kids is my favorite.
Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie
How could I run a music post on here if I didn't mention JT's new song?  You can be honest with yourself, you love Justin.  Everyone does.  He's hilarious whenever he's on SNL and has an ability to make a pop song sound cooler than anyone else's.  Plus he had Jay-Z rap on this, and that's pretty solid after not releasing new music in like 5 years.  Enjoy! -Brian