Tuesday Tunes - Postal Service Reunites!

Hello everyone!  Big news for fans of The Postal Service this week!  It was released that they will be reuniting as part of the 10 year anniversary for their only album, "Give Up."  What festival will they be at?  Only one of the largest and best music festivals around, Coachella!  Also, being released as part of the anniversary is a deluxe "Give Up" package that has everything you'd want, including live songs, NEW songs, and Iron & Wine's cover of "Such Great Heights."

When I told Mallory this news she said "I don't care where it is or how much, I am going!!!!"  I don't think we'll be making the trip to Coachella this year, but there is good news.  There are rumors they will be doing a few more shows and possibly some new music, too.  I know the new music rumor has been around for a while, but they're playing a reunion show!  That always seems to turn in to new music for bands.
Hopefully some of you make it to Coachella and see what a lot of people may not ever get a chance to see, The Postal Service LIVE. Visit their website for more info as it's released.  -Brian