Tuesday Tunes - Grammy Performances 2013

Hello music friends.  If you are like me you were watching the Grammy's (except between 9-10 because of The Walking Dead).  This year seemed like it had more performances than I can ever remember.  Some of them were shaky and some were incredible.  Here were my favorites.

The Black Keys

Personally, I think these guys may have gotten ripped of this year.  Mumford and Sons took home the Album Of The Year category.  Although that album is good, it doesn't seem different enough from "Sigh No More" to win that award.  The Black Keys are the new direction of rock and roll.  This performance helped prove that.

Jack White

I don't even listen to Jack White, but I loved everything about his performance.  He was so intense, and I love the backing band he had with him.  I was hooked on that drummer.  His style was so different and interesting.  I think Jack continually proves why he's such a staple in the rock industry with the range of the stuff he does.  He's always been a little different, and of course that makes him all the more interesting.

Justin Timberlake

I actually had no idea this was even happening.  I turned it on when Walking Dead was on commercial, and I see Jay-Z get up out of his seat and just start rapping.  I knew instantly that this was going to good.  So after going back and finding the video online, I was pretty in to.  I love the big band, Frank Sinatra feel that he had going.  Plus, the dude can sing like no other, and he puts on a great show.  It was exciting to see him come out and kill it after being away for a while.  Enjoy, Brian.