Tuesday Tunes 2.5.13

Hello everyone! I hope you are recovering well from your Superbowl festivities.  I know I ate too many wings and not enough chocolate.  This week, I've got three great albums to talk about.
Daughter - The Wild Youth EP
This album may have one of my all time favorite covers with the boy's tiger face paint, making the extremely disgusted face.  I imagine it's not because he's listening to this album because it is far from disgusting.  It's like The XX meets Wye Oak.  My favorite song in this EP is probably "Youth."

From Indian Lakes - Able Bodies
I will gladly admit that I have not stopped listening to this album since I first heard it a few weeks ago.  I've listened to it during almost every morning run.  "We Are Sick" is easily the song that I've listened to the most.  I usually repeat it a couple of times before I move on to another song.  One of my friends from Standing Small turned me on to this album.  I'm forever thankful.

Shone - Heatthing
If you've followed the Shone viral campaign at all, you know how anticipated this album has been for a lot of people.  If you haven't followed it at all, then I'm sorry you missed out on one of the coolest things to happen in recent music (ex: they led a real life scavenger hunt to release the first song).  You can read all about it here.   Piano Wire Number 12" has been my favorite song on this cd so far.  I will warn you, this album is a little weird and dark, but it's really interesting.  It almost feels like you're listening to a play.
Until next time dooooooooods!  Brian.