Tuesday Tunes - New Releases

Hello friends. This week I'm going to go through a few recent album releases that I've found myself listening to quite a bit.

Ra Ra Riot - Beta Love
This is the first album Ra Ra has released since parting ways with their cellist Alexandra Lawn.  You can tell she's absent too.  There's a much greater synth-pop feel to this record than there has been on their previous releases.  Although I think this album still doesn't quite hold up to The Rhumb Line, it's still a really solid record.

Frightened Rabbit - Pedestrian Verse
Even though I just discovered this band two weeks ago, I'm addicted to this record.  I'm even more pleased because I've recently discovered they are doing a split with Manchester Orchestra and Grouplove.  That's pretty hard to top and a very ecclectic group of musicians.  Hope these two albums are enough to get you through this week!  -Brian