Wedding Prep Instagrams

I had grand ideas when we started wedding planning, of what my perfect wedding would look like.  Think hearts everywhere, gingham, wood, and gold.  I always have a very strong vision of what I want.  I am also a perfectionist.  So we made a plan which included a lot of DIY projects for this wedding.  We've been going non-stop.  Dad, Mom, Brian, Brian's mom, Lauren, my sisters, my brother-in-laws, and Aunt Helen all have pitched in their skills and labor.  Especially mom (she's an angel).  I'm one lucky lady.

All in all the team made a seating chart, place card flags, tablecloths, a guest book, custom wall art, napkin wraps, wood box centerpieces, a wood cake stand, wood signs, cookies for favors, word and photo buntings, and a giant gold glitter heart.  I also designed all of the stationary and printed all but the save the dates at home (I'll share the entire suite later).

Shew, it's all finished!  We've been busy, but today was spa and honeymoon packing day.  Real photos will come later from Sarah of Arrow & Apple.  Tomorrow is the rehearsal! Sunday's the big day!  I love you all, Mallory