Cardstore diy Cards

A few weeks ago Cardstore asked me to make a card with their website and to share the process with you all.  I thought it was a great service that most of you would enjoy, so here we go.  Basically it's an online platform where you can completely customize greeting card templates.  Then they will send you the card in a cardboard sleeve or they will mail the card to the recipient! It's great for out of town friends, invites, or thank you notes.

I decided to make a wedding card for some friends who are getting married in October.  I chose a template in the wedding category, swiped a photo from his Facebook, added the photo, added a heart (that you can also see over there <), and completely customized the text.  It was super easy and it printed beautifully!

I hope they love it and aren't too creeped out that I swiped that facebook photo.  Ah, modern times.  Thanks Cardstore!  ♥ Mallory