Modern Cross DIY

This is more of 'hey I did this cute thing really cheap, than it is a diy,' but it's a project you can do in a few minutes with a LOT of variations.  On our bedroom wall there were three nails when we moved in, so I hung my Ikea heart (on 2) and my 'Are you really gonna wear that' mirror.  They looked really odd by themselves, so when I saw the aisle of wood cutouts at Michael's I thought, I should paint one of these and hang it with my mirror and heart.  I've been looking for a modern cross anyway, so I thought this would be perfect.  Plus, it was only two dollars!

If crosses aren't your thing, then you could choose a heart or something else.  Like I said, you can do something like this in a million variations, so inexpensively.  I sanded it and then did two coats of craft paint.  After it dried I hung it with two 3M poster strips because it's really light & we're renters.  ♥ Mallory