DIY Lucite Tray

Lucite things can be pricy.  However, plastic shadow box picture frames are cheap!  So, I bought an 11x14" one from Michael's and decided to make it a tray for my makeup.  I've seen other people use them as trays on Pinterest before, but I wanted to add some color to make mine unique.

It was pretty easy to do.  The first step is taping off the sides with a lip sticking up.  Second is a coat of pink acrylic paint.  Then we flicked some water onto it and used our fingertips to make a spotted texture.  When it was almost dry I added a coat of white acrylic paint, which slightly blended with the pink.  I then let it dry overnight.  It felt a bit tacky still, so I coated it with Mod Podge.  Then just add makeup!

 p.s. that necklace is part of my collection that will be launching soon! ♥ Mallory