DIY Wood Veneer Vases

Two weeks ago while my mom and I were cleaning my studio we found a sheet of iron-on wood veneer leftover from my pendant lamp (instructions here).  We decided immediately that we should get some glasses and make vases!  I bought this 4 pack of cylindrical glasses at Target for right under $4.00.

We first cut different width strips from the back, perpendicular to the grain so it will roll.  We made sure it overlapped about a half inch around the glass.  If the veneer won't stick to the glass it will at least melt to itself.  If the wood has a jagged edge from being cut sand it with a fine grit sandpaper.  Roll the veneer on and slowly iron it to the glass following the instructions that come with the veneer.  You could also use veneer that doesn't iron-on, you'll just need to use an adhesive that works with glass.

After your vases are beautiful and wood covered fill them with some perfect fall flowers! ♥ Mallory