DIY - Cat House

My parents bought Brian and I a Keurig for Christmas & I thought the box was a perfect size for a cat house.  Cats love small spaces.  Our whole apartment is very open, so I thought she would love a little hideaway.

My mom & I started making the box into a house by taping the bottom shut.  Then we drew where we wanted to have the entrance out & cut away.

We carefully wrapped the box in leftover gold Christmas paper.  We slashed the excess paper diagonally to each corner so we could fold it into the hole & taped it down inside.

The letters leftover from my Christmas bunting were the perfect way to add Cinders' name onto her new palace.  We used a little Mod Podge to attach the letters.  We also did a border around the door with washi tape.

My mom thought it would be cute to add a little cushion for the inside.  We cut a piece of fabric double the length +1" by the width +1" to make a simple pillow.  She doubled the fabric over and sewed a 1/2" seam down the long sides.  We stuffed the pillow and top stitched the end closed.

Then we realized the door was too low combined with the pillow.... we're smart sometimes.

So we opened our nice folding up and cut a peak onto the entrance.  All better.  Ta-Da!  Cat + house = one cozy kitty.  ♥ Mallory