Beauty - Messy Spiral Curls

My mom wears her hair like this a lot and it's just so pretty.  I asked her if she'd give a little demonstration for you all, and she kindly agreed.  Her hair has a slight natural wave, but it's fine and doesn't curl to easy.  To get this look she uses this Goody Heat Wave Creator Styling Iron and Aussie extreme hold hairspray.  The iron has a small clamp and a wavy barrel for uneven spirals.

She starts by separating her hair into big sections with clips.  Then she starts curling it in half inch round pieces.  She sprays each section to curl, clamps onto her hair about an inch up from the ends (so as not to fry the ends), and spirals the hair onto the barrel.  She noted it's important to keep the iron at an angle so the hair will spiral up the iron as you twist.

What really locks in a curl is letting it cool, so after carefully removing the curl from the iron spiral it up and let it cool as you move onto the next curl.  Try to alternate which direction you turn the curling iron so the curls won't start to combine.  Around your face try to curl away from your face so it's not in your eyes all day.  Warning: it will get very ugly before it gets pretty.

After curling all of her hair she sprays it one more time with Aussie.  It looks a bit like Shirley Temple at this stage.  She's smiling like this because she know it looks funny :)
Next she carefully runs her hands through her hair to loosen up the curls.

There you have it, perfectly messy spirals relatively fast.  Thanks to my mom, Darlene for sharing her messy curl wisdom.  ♥ Mallory          Also, #hotmom