Biz Update!

Brian had to work late, we're moving Tunes to tomorrow.  I figured this made tonight the perfect time to update you on my business!  To start with I'm working on a spring summer collection of clothing.  Yes, clothing handmade by me & my mom in my studio.  I did whole line production for A Beautiful Mess (Red Velvet) a season, then oversaw production a second season.  I feel like that amazing blessing of an opportunity has completely prepared me.  This time however, I have my mom as my business partner!  She knows almost as much about construction & sewing as I do.  Plus, she's way more organized than I am.  I'm also working on teaching her how to pattern make.

I designed a print and have received test fat quarters.  We ordered the rest of the fabric & supplies.  We're working on patterns and mockups now.  We have also lined up friends who are professional photographers & videographers to help out with the end product.  We're so excited!  I truly mean it when I say this is the beginning of my dream come true.  Now we just have to meet our self imposed deadlines & you all will hopefully love everything enough to buy it!  I have a sneaking suspicion you will, but maybe that's overconfidence?  Ah, well.  You're going to love it!  ♥ Mallory