Onecklace Review

The lovely people over at Onecklace offered to send me a piece of their custom name jewelry to review.  I had such a hard time choosing between a classic necklace and this gold plated double ring.  In the end I went with the double ring because even though I will wear it less.  In the words of my husband it is "more rad" than a necklace.  Very true.  A double ring with your name on it is a pretty bold statement.  I think you all know I'm a fan of bold statements.

It arrived very fast after I gave them my ring sizes & metal choice.  It came in a cute little box with a certificate of authenticity.  What a classy touch!  All-in-all I have zero complaints about this beautiful, special ring.  Trust me, that says a lot.  I'm very picky!  I suggest you get your own.  My next purchase with them will definitely be a name necklace like Carrie's from Sex & the City, but I guess I'm cheesy like that.  ♥ Mallory