DIY Sunglasses Holder

As you can tell, I really love sunglasses.  I tend to lose and/or break them pretty easily because they get crammed in the bottom of my purse or dropped into our key bowl.  To avoid breaking them and to add to our living room gallery wall I made a super simple wood holder then mounted it to the wall with command strips.  I had all of the supplies from wedding projects and other DIYs already, but it's all available at Michaels or another craft store.  I used one, 1/2" wood strip, one 6"x10" pine plank, hot glue, a staple gun, and an X-Acto knife.

I cut 4 wood strips 1" shorter than the short side of the plank.  I doubled them up and hot glued them down, one layer at a time.  I also put in some staples for good measure, though it probably wasn't necessary.  Then the final step is adding a Command Strip (like these) cut in half to fit on the 1/2" strip.

If you are a perfectionist like I am, use a level when you stick it on to the wall.  If you aren't just wing it because these strips let you reposition them.  They work like velcro.  Half of the art in our house is hanging with these guys.  As always if you do this project let me know!  It's so easy & functional!  ♥ Mallory