Oakley Fancy Flea - July 2014

A few weeks ago we set up a mini Mallory shop at the O.F.F. Market (Oakley Fancy Flea).  We came in with no expectations except to pass out business and post cards to spread the word about our line.  We were pleasantly surprised by how amazing it was!  We met some sweet blog readers and Instagram followers, ran out of our post cards, and got way more compliments than we expected.

I have to say thank you to the many people I love that stopped by to support us. This includes my brother-in-law's girlfriend, Corina, above wearing our Arrow Headband.  I have to say an even bigger thanks to my mom, dad, and Brian who helped set up and sell with me.  We haven't scheduled any more craft fairs or flea markets yet, but we had so much fun we definitely will again.  xoxo, Team Mallory

Just for fun, here's a little gif Brian made of our set up with the Party Party App: