Outfit - Blue Guitar

Sometimes you just have to dress up even if you're just staying home, right?  Well, on Mondays and Tuesdays I dedicate my whole day to designing, running Shop Mallory (well, Mallory LLC in general), and doing things for this here blog.  On most days my mom comes to our studio in my home so I usually just throw on shorts or jeans and a t-shirt for these days.  I mean I work with my mom in my home, how lucky & amazing is that?!  There is absolutely no need to dress up most days, but sometimes I just gotta do it.

Today, to fulfill this urge to not wear jean shorts and a t-shirt I put on this guitar dress from my Nashville trip with Brian.  I bought it at a beautiful store, Pangaea.  I simply paired it with a bracelet from the Gap Clearance Outlet and Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneaker.  These are the best Chucks!  They slip-on with elastic under the tongue and around the heel.  I love that there's a loop on the heel to slip them on easier! ♥ Mallory
All photos taken by the amazing Darlene Fausz (aka my mom).