Outfit- Fringe Sweater

I think it's safe to say the cold is here to stay now.  I struggle with layering.  I thought more fun pieces may make me a bit less grumpy about this cold weather and the need to layer.  This cardigan sweater with fringe definitely fits the bill!  Fringe is listed everywhere as one of the big trends for fall.  So this is my DIY take.

Yep, I said DIY!  I'll share the easy steps to make your own later this week.  Then you can make your own perfect for spinning in the breeze sweater!  The day my mom and I shot these photos I paired it with Target jeans, a pink J. Crew belt, L.L. Bean magenta moccasins, and a Shop Mallory Buttons Tee!  I wear this tee on a weekly basis (and if you buy one I'm sure you will too).  It's my favorite!  ♥ Mallory

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