Weekend Getaway Packing List

This weekend until Tuesday Brian and I are in Springfield, Missouri visiting our friends.  We haven't been here since last October so we have tons to catch up on.  I love these people.  Packing to visit here is always a bit more pressure filled than normal trip packing.  They are avid photographers, so there is a high possibility I'll end up in lots of photos.  Pressure ;)

I started packing with the necessities and basics that I know will mix & match well.  As you will see, most of my basics are from target and Old Navy:
  • undies, bras, socks, black tights
  • little black dress - Target
  • black and white camisoles
  • 3 basic/neutral tees including my Mallory Buttons Tee
  • dark, high waist skinny jeans - Target
  • jean jacket I've had forever
  • cute animal print cardigan - Target
  • 2 pairs of pj bottoms - one thin & one fleece depending on temperature (below)
After the basics I added some more special items:
  • plaid pants - Old Navy
  • 3 colorful sweaters and tops - H&M, Old Navy, and Target respectively
  • 2 Mallory skirts - Rouge and Blackest Black
  • I also added 3 pairs of shoes after packing all of this up.  Black boots, camel boots, and black flats.  I wore my gold Kate Spade Keds on the drive for a comfy option.

I also packed a small bag of my favorite jewelry to throw into my  toiletries bag.  I threw in my favorite Mallory pieces and my Harry Potter Deathly Hallows necklace of course.  My cat tried to sneak into my duffel bag too, but sadly she had to stay at home.  ♥ Mallory