Hi there!  I'm glad you're here!  Let's start with my name.  The name Mallory means unlucky.  That has never mattered to me.  I'm the kind of girl who makes her own luck.  I run my own brand/shop Mallory.  You can follow the link to find clothing, jewelry, and accessories my team and I designed and handmade in our Shop Mallory Studio.  Directly above is our Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

I graduated from the University of Cincinnati DAAP program with a bachelor degree in fashion design in April 2013.  You can see my Senior Thesis Collection here.  During college I was able to work at Sewing Services, Red Velvet (the previous clothing line of A Beautiful Mess), and Amazon's My Habit photo studio.

I live with my handsome husband Brian in northern Kentucky, just a bridge away from downtown Cincinnati, OH.  You can see our dream-come-true wedding here.  He writes our weekly music post Tuesday Tunes.
With this blog I want to empower you to take chances!  I dare you to live colorfully, experiment with your style, and be true to yourself.  Most importantly I want to show you how to infuse your personal style and passion into your life, and help you open your eyes to the beauty in the everyday! This is what being a "Mallory Girl" is all about!   Mallory Girls make their own luck!  So, I like to post here about life, work, and what inspires me.  You can check out my illustrations, clothing designs, adventures, vintage obsession, home decor, and travels.  You can also read my favorite movies post.
You can see my favorite blog list here.  I'm always finding new, inspirational people, so it's probably not a complete list.

Contributors:  Brian, my husband, is our music contributor, my sometimes photographer, and occasionally lets me post his outfits.  His little sister Madison modeled my childrens designMy mom (above) is an all around creative influence, inspiration, and photographer for this blog.  She is my volunteer Mallory LLC business partner.  She's absolutely amazing and I can't explain how supportive and encouraging she is. 

You:  If you have a product you want me to review, a collaboration you think I would be interested in, or if you just want to contact me about something random feel free to email me!  I've met some really fantastic people and made great blog connections this way. mallorymakesthings@yahoo.com 

The legal stuff:
This is a for profit blog.  In the future I intend to sell ad spaces to like minded businesses and blogs that my readers will enjoy.  For now I only receive compensation as a member of the Amazon Affiliate program and ShareASale which includes brands like Modcloth, Le Bunny Bleu, oNecklace, etc.  I only share products and companies that I personally love and believe in.  I choose affiliates by picking companies/products I would be proud to share, regardless of compensation/trades.

This is a part of my business, Mallory LLC.
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